A Handbook of Everyday English Usage – Explore the English Language

Size: 248x170mm Pages: 644 (total) Price: GBP 18.50 Paperback published in England

An invaluable and wide-ranging reference tool for study, work or pleasure, both for native English speakers and international students of English

Over 6,000 examples in alphabetical order – a and an to zoom out, to demonstrate the use of almost 2,500 everyday words

Essential grammatical terms – inflection, intensifier … , word classes- uncountable nouns, modal auxiliary verbs … and application of relevant rules – a or an before a word beginning with a vowel, to – infinitive … included in order to enhance the reader’s skills of speaking and writing in English with confidence

Over 1,400 everyday expressions – busman’s holiday, cost an arm and a leg, get someone’s goat, put a quart into a pint pot, a white elephant … , their meanings and uses clearly explained and exemplified
Over 1,000 frequently used troublesome words and phrases – ‘curb and kerb’, ‘forbear and forebear’, ‘due to’, ‘owing to’, ‘because of’ … their similarities and differences outlined with numerous illustrations

Easy to use, dictionary like format, up-to-date reference book to help with spoken and written English