C++ Simplified – Learn to create programs right away

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C++ was derived directly from the C programming language in the 1980s.
The letter C is not an abbreviation of any name.
It is simply the name of a programming language.

C++ Simplified designed for readers who wish to learn the fundamentals of C ++.
It is therefore based upon the assumptions that you are a newcomer to C ++; and you have access to a computer system.
You will find it as a straightforward practical workshop companion, helping you to master
the basic techniques and equip yourself with essential skills needed to develop programming expertise.
It will lay a solid foundation for your continued expertise in C ++ programming.

The book is filled with examples which are coded and explained. For each example the code and program output are depicted in a diagram or in a number of diagrams. The output is an important part of an example, as it will enable you to fully comprehend the code. You are advised to try these out on your computer as you progress through the book. Programming is best learnt by a hands-on approach, therefore you are advised to work though the examples, and try your best to write and test programs for programming exercises. Try not to read the solutions which are given in chapter 12 until you have attempted the exercises.
. The book will enable you to achieve your objective to write workable practical programs.

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