Clothing Technology — from fibre to fashion Highly practical source book for learners, teachers and professionals.
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This is the fifth English edition of the famous “Fachwissen Bekleidung” ninth German edition. It has been thoroughly revised. It is a well-known reference and textbook in the German speaking area of Europe since it first published in 1989.

It has eleven chapters on fibres, yarns, fabrics, textile finishing, fabric description, leather and fur, clothing manufacture, organisation of clothing manufacture, product design, product groups and history of clothing.

A key feature of this firm favourite publication is its concise and compact design – a prerequisite for summarising such a wide range of knowledge and skills in a single volume. Each page is complete in itself. Numerous colourful diagrams help the reader to understand the knowledge and skill discussed on each page. At all stages, particular attention is paid to the latest scientific findings and the practical experience of the industry and standards. In this English edition, an attempt has been made to present a more international perspective. Wherever possible, ISO or ASTM standards have been referenced rather than DIN.

The book is aimed at professionals at all levels in the clothing trade and industry. Indeed, it is well-suited for teachers and students on a variety of courses.

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