Electrical Engineering – Tables, Standards Formulas

Essential source book for engineers, learners and researchers

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This is the English version of the famous German book called ‘Tabellenbuch Elekrotechnik’. It is the latest translation of the 22nd edition of this well-known publication. The Tabellenbuch Elekrotechnik is an indispensable reference book, which is widely used in industry by electrical professionals at all levels. It is also an invaluable source for reliable information, skill learning and research work in the teaching and learning world. This book is intended to help professionals for an activity in an international environment.

The book is divided into eight parts. The contents include materials, connecting technology, environmental technology, technical communication, electrical systems, control systems, electric motors, digital technology, computer technology, components, modules, measurement, mathematics, physics, circuit theory and cost.

It has a great wealth of information, which is concise and precise. The easy reading of the book is ensured by the thumb register and the extensive glossary.

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