Explore Good English Grammar – Master the Structure of the Language

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What is grammar?
Grammar is an umbrella term. In essence, it is concerned with the words of a language and the mechanism, or rules of combining, or joining them together in meaningful phrases, clauses and sentences. It can also mean a person�s knowledge and use of a language. For our purpose, the word rule means a recognised standard way of constructing structures. Therefore, the rules of grammar are principles for both spoken and written language. Grammar is for anyone who is interested in the English language and wants to master the structure of the language.

Whether you are a native speaker or a student of the English language, you must learn English grammar in order:

. to be able to put words into recognised structures, namely phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs

. to identify grammatical structures, e.g. sentences, etc.

. to understand the meaning associated with these structures

. to analyse these structures in order to explain them to others, if there is a need for it

. to apply the language with confidence and to enjoy doing so

In this age of the World Wide Web, the use of English is expanding exponentially through the Internet, and the correct use of English and its grammar is becoming increasingly desirable. Boldly speaking, it can be said that you are only as good as your grammar.

The English language is widely used in the world and therefore it has many different forms. I am concerned with the contemporary English in use in Britain. Despite the fact that there are many regional variations, there is standard English. Standard English is the form of the language that is nationally used in Britain. It is the medium of communication at the national level. It is used by institutions including educational bodies, text books, newspapers, broadcasting services, government agencies, etc. Standard English is socially accepted as the most correct form of the English language. Speakers of other languages also learn standard English.

The linguistic aspects of English grammar are beyond the scope of this book. In passing, the linguistics is the scientific study of language. Linguistic is connected with linguistics. A linguist studies languages and works in the linguistic field, mainly in the academic world. In this book, uncommon words, such as discourse (for combining sentences) and lexis (the words of a language) i.e. linguistic terminology used by linguists, are not included.

The prescriptive method of grammar explanation is applied in this book. This approach is concerned with prescribing what is correct. It means discussing how the language should be used.

The prime aim of this book is to describe and explain with the aid of numerous helpful examples, those aspects of English which are essential for both written and spoken standard English. The general objective of this book is to enable readers to improve their knowledge and skills in using the language with confidence. If you are an intermediate or advanced learner of English, or anyone interested in the English language, or a teacher of English, you will find this book invaluable. This book is equally suitable as a course text or a self-instruction text.

How to use this book
It is most likely that you have picked up this book from a shelf or acquired it from another source because you are seriously interested in English and striving to master the structure of the language. Your needs may not be the same as those of many equally enthusiastic learners and teachers of the English language. For this reason, it is perceived that not all readers will read this book from the beginning to the end consecutively. This book can also be used for reference purposes. For this purpose, a glossary of terms and a detailed index are provided.

At the end of each chapter, some exercises are included and their solutions are given towards the end of the book. It is recommended that self-learners and students work the exercises out for themselves first and then compare them with the solutions provided. In fact, the answers will give you some more new information and this activity will enhance your confidence in applying the language with increased self-reliance and satisfaction.

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