Explore Good English Grammar – Master the Structure of the Language

Size: 248x170mm Pages: 456 (total) Price: GBP 18.50 Paperback published in England

Explore Good English Grammar is a clear, easy to use and exemplified guide to modern English grammar. It will help you to improve your knowledge and skill in using the language with confidence. It contains:

. Exemplified detail of the building blocks of the language
. Word usage and how this is governed by the rules of grammar

. Detailed demonstration and explanation of words and their combination into the grammatical structures – phrases, clauses and sentences

. Practical application of punctuation, discussed and illustrated with numerous examples

. Many exercises, with solutions, will enhance your knowledge and improve your practical skills in applying the rules of English grammar

. Almost 1500 examples with invaluable information

.Glossary of terms for quick reference

This book will provide you with the information you need. Indeed, it will assist you to achieve your obj ective of mastering the structure of the language.

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