Explore the Right Approach to Write – Develop Effective Communication Skills.
Size: 248x170mm Pages: 256 (total) Price: GBP 15.50 Paperback published in England

Explore the Right Approach to Write is a practical guide to the development of effective communication skills. It is designed for students, teachers and other readers who are keen to develop their personal knowledge and writing skills. This exemplified text covers:

.Easy-to-follow basic grammar essential for the secure foundation of correct writing

.Fundamental rules of punctuation to help the reader to pause in the right places in order to understand the intended meaning

.Social and business correspondence which is an art in itself – formalities, presentation, style, layout, letters for important social and business situations, reports, faxes and e-mail messages

.Hundreds of troublesome words and phrases discussed and their usage illustrated by numerous practical examples in the form ofan A-Z guide

.Glossary of terms for quick reference

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