Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook

A well-known trades handbook for the academia & metal engineering world

price: GBP 39.99, 3rd edition 2013 – it is the latest edition available from ADR
This third English edition is the translation of the 45th edition of the well-known German handbook called “Tabellenbuch Metall”. It is thoroughly revised and up-to-date.
It is well-suited for shop reference, tooling, machine building, maintenance, practical work on training courses and as a quick and reliable reference material. Thus, the following readership will find it invaluable:
. Industrial and trade mechanics
. Tool and die makers
. Machinists
. Millwrights
. Draftspersons
. Technical instructors
. Engineering tutors
. Trainees in industry
. Students on mechanical and engineering courses
. Engineering researchers
The Preface sets guidelines for the reader. The contents of this book include tables, formulae and colourful diagrams arranged in subject areas in eight chapters. The tables contain the most important guidelines, designs, types, dimensions and standard values for their subject areas.
Examples for all standard parts, materials and drawings are highlighted by red arrows. The table of contents are expanded under each chapter as tables. The Standards Index shows all the current standards and regulations in this book.
In many cases, previous standards are also listed in order to make transition easy from older and familiar standards to new ones. The subject index at the end of the book is extensive.
ADR will be pleased to supply you a copy of the comprehensive table of contents together with a sample of some pages as a .pdf file.

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