Modern Automotive Technology – Fundamentals, service, diagnostics

Invaluable Practical Book for Students and Professionals

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Modern Automotive Technology is a standard work covering the field of automotive technology in depth. It was written and complied by a team of experts drawn from industry and technical education and training institutions who possess many years practical experience, proven knowledge and technical relevant skills in this wide field. Thus, it is the product of a close co-operation between the automotive trade , industry and trainers and tutors.

This first English edition is based on the 28th German edition of the famous ‘ Fachkunde Kraftfahrzeugtechnik’. It has been widely used in industry as a reference book. Furthermore, over many years, it has been adopted as a textbook on numerous courses on which automotive technology is taught as a subject. Its readership includes:

. professional automotive engineers at all levels in the wider automotive trade and industry

. apprentices on in-house training programmes

. students on a variety of courses in the field of automotive technology

. tutors and trainers

. researchers

Thus, it is equally invaluable for fitters, technicians, mechanics, teachers and anyone who needs reliable reference book for specific information and techniques.

Its contents include motor vehicle, fundamentals of information technology, open- and closed-loop control technology, test technology, production engineering, material science, friction, lubrication, bearings, seals, design and operating principle of a four-stroke engine, mechanical engine components, mixture formation, two- stroke spark-ignition engine, rotary engine, driver-train, vehicle body, chassis, electrical engineering, comfort and convenience technology, motorcycle technology, commercial vehicle technology.

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