Web Site Development Simplified

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This book is intended to guide you through scores of worked and fully illustrated examples of the ap-plication of HTML 4.0 version for the development of a Web site. It also provides you with some relevant invaluable information and additional sources of practical information on how to go about doing business on the Internet

It is filled with numerous practical examples and their solutions, which are coded in HTML 4.0 version and explained. For testing each worked example, the HTML document is written for previewing it in the Internet Explorer. The screen captures for all worked examples are included so that you can see the outcome of each one. You can preview your HTML documents in another browser. For instance, you can do so in the Netscape Navigator.

The solved practical examples which may appear to be simple at first but they demonstrate the devel-opment of the Web site. The output of the document developed is an important part of an example, as it will enable you to learn the features of the “mark-up” language introduced. The other parts of the book include concise practical information on marketing your business on the Internet.

It is a practical book and thus covers those topics for which space was available to demonstrate their application. The emphasis is on learning from experience and applying it. The book will enable you to achieve your objective to develop a Web site either individually or as a member of a group at work or on a programme of Web site development learning. It will lay the foundation for advancing your practical skills in this technology.

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